Income Tax And Goods & Service Tax

The key focus aspects covered under this area are as follows:

Compliance with provisions and rules via returns, forms, and Audits:

To be a compliant with various laws & regulations has become critical these days. Unless we are up to date with all the compliance procedure, the business cannot operate with ease. For the business be focused on their core business we at “NVSRS” assist, guide and carry out the end to end compliance under Income Tax and Goods & Service Tax.

Consultancy, Planning & Structuring at transaction & business level:

The taxation laws have become more and more complex with the evolving business nature & models. It has become need of the hour to carry out necessary planning & structuring at various level to be able to carry out business & transaction in the most effective manner possible and be compliant with laws & regulation.

Advance Ruling, Settlement and Assessment Procedures:

In this era of digital & electronic world, there are various mean & way available to the business to be able to carry out the business with ease, where the planning & structuring could be supplemented by Advance Ruling to be on the safer side with efficient way possible. Also providing our expertise in settlement and assessment procedure {including e-assessment} areas to bring the business out of any on going tax cases and complication.

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